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Host your digital participation experiences easily with PopuliHub. Powered by the popular Decidim technology.

PopuliHub provides an easy-to-use, reliable, fast and all-in-one platform to enable participation within your community or organization. The platform is powered by the popular open-source Decidim technology which provides you with all the participation features that your organization needs.

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You are in great company

The Decidim technology that powers PopuliHub is already trusted by over 100 organizations, including:

European Commission City of New York City of Barcelona City of Milano City of Helsinki

See how it works

List and collect ideas for collective innovation.
list of ideas on map
Utilize maps to collect information related to specific locations.
detail consultation
Acquire information from the public through consultations and discussions.
consultation comments
Allow people to leave comments and voice their opinion within consultations and discussions.
Use participatory budgeting to decide how a budget is distributed.
Make your actions accountable for people to see how projects are being implemented in real time.

Carefree Decidim hosting all around the world

PopuliHub hosts your Decidim instances carefree, allowing you to concentrate on the participation aspect and getting people involved. No need to learn how to host your own servers, how to setup Decidim or how to connect the system to external services. We handle the hard technical stuff for you, you just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Datacenters available all around the world, including Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States (east and west coast), Canada, India and Singapore.


All packages include managed server (VPS), backups and map services.

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5 000 users
$ 280 / month*


10 000 users
$ 510 / month*
Most popular


20 000 users
$ 830 / month*


40 000 users
$ 1530 / month*

* billed annually


Need more users, multiple servers, load balancers, high availability, custom SLA, dedicated support engineers or other special features? We got you covered!

Let's discuss how we can help you reach your participation goals!

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What PopuliHub provides?

PopuliHub is an easy-to-use participation platform powered by the Decidim technology. It provides you with all the technical equipment to create digital participation experiences. No need to worry about servers, maps, web analytics, or any other boring technical stuff. We do everything for you. Just sign up and encourage people within your community to participate!

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Powerful participation technology powering PopuliHub

PopuliHub is powered by a free (as in speech) and open-source participation technology called Decidim. Decidim is used in various organizations around the world powering their participation experiences. It is reliable, trustworthy, well maintained and technically flexible to suit any participation needs.

Join the hundreds of thousands of people already using the Decidim platform by signing up to PopuliHub!